6 Steps Toward Actually Fulfilling Your New Year’s Resolutions

1) Set specific, realistic goals

Sure, you may eventually want to lose 20 pounds in the New Year, but is it realistic or healthy to do so in a matter of months? Probably not. Set a series of very specific, achievable, and reasonable goals.

2) Write them down

Write down all of these short-term goals, milestones, and long-term desired outcomes. Writing them down will make them more real, and having something written down on paper may help you stick to them and remind you of what your goals are, especially on those days when you want to give up.

3) Share them

Creating a list is a good first step to hold yourself accountable for the resolutions you set, but sharing them with people who care about you is another way to ensure that you stick to your goals. You can even share them with people who have nothing to do with them—anyone who you know will be receptive and supportive of you.

4) Surround yourself with people who have similar goals

It’ll make it easier to stick to yours, plus you’ll have a support system of people trying to achieve the same thing that will keep you on track! It might even help to find a group of people with similar goals so that you can fill your time doing things that help you reach your goals sooner. Maybe you join a gym if you want to get in better shape, or maybe you join an art club if you want to acquire a new skill or hobby, or maybe you just make it a bigger priority to spend more time with your family.

5) Create milestones 

Once you have a concrete list of smaller, more manageable list of goals, it’ll be easy to create milestones along the way. These milestones will make you feel accomplished and satisfied, and will also encourage you to stick to your more long-term goals and desired outcomes.


Image Credit: @SmitBruins

6) Reward yourself

If your resolution is more of a long-term one, then make sure you have little ways to reward yourself along the as you reach your intermediate milestones. Rewarding yourself doesn’t mean you’re giving up, it will just make it easier to be persistent and stick with your longer-term goals without feeling discouraged. Try rewarding yourself with treats that don’t compete with your goals! For example, if you’re trying to live more frugally, maybe treat yourself to fun and cheap activities, such as a hike somewhere cool, or a picnic outdoors, or if you’re hoping to lose some weight, maybe treat yourself with a nice juice cleanse or a manicure!

Have fun with it and remember your desired outcome: whether it’s saving up enough money for a nice vacation, or losing an extra couple of pounds, or just generally living a more active, healthy lifestyle, constantly remind yourself of what the outcome will be—it will make the process more bearable and enjoyable!

Main Image Credit: @trendsandtolstoy


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